Freshers’ Partying Code of Conduct

Freshers’ Partying Code of Conduct

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Hello Freshers, and welcome to Christ Church!

This is the very first time you’ve met everyone that you are going to spend the next and possibly best years of your life with, so congratulations and welcome to Canters!

Make your experience a good one and follow some basic guidelines for having a good time and getting the most out of Freshers’ week:


Make sure you have a decent sized meal before you consume any alcohol – it doesn’t have to be Gordon Ramsey-esque, but even a jacket potato, or some noodles will line your stomach and give you some fuel to enjoy your evening to the max.



If you are drinking then be wary of “pre-loading” as it’s a guaranteed way of cutting short your night out. In fact you can still have a great night out without drinking but if you do this then here’s a few simple tips.

  • Eat first! (see above)

  • Just because you got a deal on two bottles of Morgans Spiced doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drink them both before you go – space out your drinks and leave some for when you get home and for another nights.

  • Make sure the amounts consumed are reasonable AND, very importantly proportionate to the amount of time they are consumed in.

  • Random factoid: In 87% of alcohol related crime, the offender has pre-loaded and the issue is usually not the amount of alcohol but how quickly it was drunk that causes the problems, which leads us onto…


Drink water between rounds

We are realistic in the advice we offer – not everyone is going to substitute a round of alcoholic beverages for a round of waters (good for you if you do though!). However, just be sensible with it. There are jugs of water and cups around all of the bars at Club Chemistry, so even if you don’t swap out an alcoholic drink for a water, you can at least make sure that you get enough water in as well as other drinks. This will stop you getting drunk too quickly and it will go some way to easing your hangover in the morning – don’t underestimate the Power of the Pre-Bed Pint (of water!)



Please be aware that venues are fairly strict on entry requirements and at Club Chemistry we operate a Challenge 25 Policy. This is because all licensed premises are under intense scrutiny from the authorities due to the high number of students in the city. At Club Chemistry we are not being picky because we are killjoys, we do it because we have a legal and moral duty to look out for you all (aaaaand we can go to prison if we get it wrong). Therefore, even if you look 23, you will need Government ID – passport/driving licence/passcard – to get in almost everywhere. Try to get used to having it on you, to avoid risking spoiling your night by coming out without it.




Trying to get into a Club when wasted

Because of the reasons mentioned above, we are also reeeeally tight on intoxication. We do this, (not because we love it or get a kick out of “asserting our authoritaaaaay” – in best Cartman-voice) but simply because we have a legal and moral duty to look after people. If we believe you are too drunk or under the influence of a substance other than alcohol, we cannot let you into our premises. We will try our best to help you get home but ultimately it will be up to your friends to get you back, and no one wants to be THAT guy/girl – right?



Trying to get into a club with a bad attitude

Club Chemistry, along with some other licensed premises in Canterbury, has a “No Attitude” clubbing rule – we’re about relaxing, partying, dancing, socialising, making memories and generally having a great time – to achieve this we have to prioritise safety above all else – yours and everyone else’s – so nearly everyone is searched on their way in and if we think you might be aggressive or rude, or behave in a way that is likely to negatively affect others, sadly you will not be welcome to party with us.


Getting home safe

If you’re walking home then stay alert, go with friends, and stick to busy streets. Christ Church are also running a free safety bus over Freshers which will pick up from the club and drop off at all the Halls of Residences in Canterbury.

You can see the timetable here which runs to at least 4am!


Getting home sound

Canterbury is now your home so think about your neighbours and try and keep noise to a minimum. Eating a nice kebab is a sure fire way to keep quiet… but just remember to put your rubbish in the bin once your done so we can keep our City tidy.

This being said – if you can follow these simple steps then you will have no issues in coming out to play in the City of Canterbury. There are some great venues, parties and social events for you to enjoy, so apply these guidelines to your nights out and you will be sure to have a blinder and start making memories and forming the stories you will tell in years to come..

We hope this helps, and we CANNOT WAIT TO PARTY WITH YOU!

Lots of love

Club Chemistry

Official Late Night Partner of Christ Church Students’ Union