We’re so proud to share that we won four awards at the Best Bar None Canterbury 2024!

Best Bar None assess venues on their commitment to safety, customer service & responsible alcohol management.

We have been recognised for

🏆 The Best Staff Training and Care

🏆 The Best Safety

🏆 The Best Anti Spiking Protection and Awareness

🏆 The Most Dedicated Staff Member

Read what Best Bar None had to say

Best Staff Training & Care

“Excellent processes and procedures in place covering all aspect of staff training, which in turn contributes to the safe running of the premises. There is an expectation of high standards, and this is evident from the training the staff have received.”

Best Dedicated Staff Member

“The CCTV operator at Club Chemistry is invaluable to the premises. They certainly know the club from inside to out with a great deal of experience and knowledge, they are quick to respond to any issues in the club, directing door staff to any issues to prevent problems escalating. They should be recognised for their hard work and commitment to ensuring a safe night out for customer attending the club.”

Best Event Safety

“Club Chemistry’s Under 18’s events aim to ingratiate young people with the night-time economy, removing some of the recent fears and anxieties around the industry and to allow them to experience the setting of a nightclub and safe socialising.

Their events are an excellent example of combined partnership, working to ensure the events passed without incident. The club provided a security dog and used a visible knife arch along with their normal searching protocol, including a strict no ID, no entry policy.

Great feedback was received from attendees and their parents and is credit to the club for their hard work and high standards.”

Best Op Lester Anti-Spiking Promotion & Awareness

“The club always follows guidance and ensures that any reported incidents under OP LESTER are treated as a priority ensuring the customer is safeguarded and looked after. Having a designated medical room, excellent staff and CCTV it allows incidents to be fully investigated. The club promotes visual customer awareness and has also recently invested in their own version of branded drinks covers.”


We’re delighted have been accredited with a Best Bar None Accreditation.

We were also awarded with the Zero Tolerance Champion award🏆

The scheme, run through Kent Police and supported by Canterbury BID and Canterbury Community Safety Partnership provides accreditation to well-run pubs, bars, clubs and other businesses that serve alcohol.